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Are you struggling to find a job in Canada from another country?

Use our custom search tool to find companies in Canada that have sponsored foreign workers through an LMIA in the last 5 years. Since they have sponsored foreign workers before, it is a better chance they will be willing to hire you from abroad!

This website uses the official list: Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP): Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Employers List for getting the company list.

Do you know which companies are willing to sponsor foreign workers through an LMIA?

In Josh's video below, he explains in simple tasks how to get a Canadian job. But at the 3:18 mark, he says he doesn't know of a list of companies that have provided LMIAs - but now we have one!

The Canadian government, through a program called Open Data Canada, has a list that contains all of the companies with positive LMIAs from the last 5 years - this means they have hired people from abroad before and might want to again!

Once you figure out your occupation and NOC code (National Occupation Classification Code) you can:


Need a ##job in ##canada? We just launched a really cool tool to find Canadian companies that have sponsored ##lmia workers in Canada! LMIA.work

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More than 100,000 Job entries and more than 3000 companies hired foreigners from 2015

We have the complete list here!


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