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My name is Andres I'm from Mexico, you can contact me by telegram zodman

How can work in Canada been foreigner ?

Why the Indeed, LinkedIn links are broken ?

Why The logo image and url are wrong ?

Why does nobody reply on the contact form?

How can I apply to a job

How avoid fraud?

Yes, the opendata source only brings the legal name of canadian companies I use a third party app for getting the URL and Logo image and it isn't exact. That's the reason of the notes field on job entry. Find the correct URL and use the notes to fix the correct information.

custom notes for wrong URL and logo

Why does nobody reply on the contact form?

It's because the majority of messages are asking for a job. Remember the lmia.work it's a side project of visto.ai The sources it's a list of companies who have offers LMIA in the past. It isn't a place for getting or asking for a job. It's you chore, prepare your resume and send the information to the company.

We don't have job openings, either contact with the companies. We only collect the companies list and bring to you. It's your labour do the company research, by google or LinkedIn, find the Human Resource representative and send your resume and cover letter to them. Don't ask for a job, opportunity

How can I apply to a job ?


Reply to @seloso_ciikim here's how to find the best Canadian companies to apply to from outside Canada! ##jobs ##canadajob ##jobsincanada

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How can work in Canada been foreigner ?


Need a ##job in ##canada? We just launched a really cool tool to find Canadian companies that have sponsored ##lmia workers in Canada! LMIA.work

♬ original sound - Josh Schachnow

why the Indeed or LinkedIn links are broken ?

The lmia.work it's a website that contains the company's legal name. For example Ubisoft Divertissements Inc. It's the name of a famous video game company in Montreal. Well if you go to job boards and try to find "Ubisoft Divertissements Inc." you will not found any job openings because the company's common name is Ubisoft. they advertise by common name and not by legal name. Well, I will give you a little trick!

how to delete khabi

How avoid fraud?

Do not go to Facebook, WhatsApp or any social network to look for a job, 99.9% of job offers on social networks are fraud.

Go to the official Canadian migration site for any information

Official migration site: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada.html

Because all offers on social networks are fraud,

No te metas a facebook, whats’app o cualquier red social a buscar empleo, 99.9% de las ofertas de empleo en redes sociales son fraude.

Metete al sitio oficial de migración de Canadá para cualquier información

Sitio oficial de migración: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada.html

Porque todas las ofertas en redes sociales son fraude,

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