How you get the LMIA list?


Hi, my name is Andres, I'm a software engineer from Mexico. This website was made from the official list of the Canadian government: Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP): Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Employers List.

I try to take advantage of my skills to get a foreign job in Canada. Then these is the history:

Version One

I'm trying to move abroad to Canada. And I was sending my resume to all Canadian companies as possible.

But as you know, Canadian companies are very conservative, so they ignore the process to hire a foreigner. (check the video from Josh, he explain the "why not" this very well.)

The companies didn't know the existence of programs to get the best talent outside Canada, to get working in her offices.

sending resume

Well, I start sending resumes and I had the result of none. Then I start to research and see the pain of foreigners trying to get hired by LMIA. A lot of people get frustrated or stuck in the process or take the way to study.

Well with a lot of research, I found the Global Talent Skill program from British Columbia. And LMIA-exception using NAFTA/CUSMA trade.

With the knowledge of that inmigration programs, I start looking for information related, and I found the Canadian open data. Their datasets contain a list of companies, that expedites all LMIA's positive. So I take the dataset and I had been extracting, transform, and load the data. Using python datasette from simonwilson and rows from turicas.

In the end, I had the list of all companies that sponsor with GST stream from 2015 to 2020.

With this list, I had searching in linkedin.com or careers website job offers and start sending resumes with more probability of offering a work permit.

Now I had a tool to check if the company also offers or hire foreigners in the past.

I had published the code on Github and make it public on this website:


Version Two

With the release of the database, I get a little statistics from it.

The most Demand occupations in 2021.

The company who hired more foreigners

I added to the dataset, the biometrics locations on the earth to get a location of vfs-offices for getting biometrics near to me.

Or the to see the last draws of express entry with CEC.

Version three

The latest idea that comes to my mind was made a tracking job sending I discuss with Josh from visto.ai and I figure out this dataset can be helpful for job seeking. The idea was to offer a way to can track your processing of interviews. Inspired by trello board for job seeking I create something simple what you can track your job seeking. I can give you the companies that have hired foreigners in the past years. With a good look and depending on your profile, you can get a chance to obtain a job offer abroad with LMIA and sponsorship. Because the company have hired foreigners.

Yes, it's awesome. Go ahead and make your dreams true.

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